Where are you on CLOUD MATURITY?

How much more could the right cloud services bring you today?

To find out, first you need to know where you rank among the three main levels of cloud maturity.

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But wait, did you even know there was such a thing?
Here’s how LOADSPRING™ defines three main levels:
  1. Entry Level. You are just starting the process with a few apps in clouds or via a SaaS contract but do
    not have a defined strategy.
  2. Cloud Aware. OK, you’ve taken a “cloud first” approach. However, decisions are not strategically driven,
    and you may also run into issues of lack of control of vendors, integration, software license
    management, and others.
  3. Enterprise Level. Here, your cloud choices are strategically driven to minimize cost, maximize
    performance, expertise, value from vendors, additional managed services, and more.
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This white paper describes in detail the three main levels and how understanding your cloud maturity can significantly help you focus changes as you tranform your enterprise into a cloud power user. Please fill out the form and we'll send you the document by email.
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